Working from home

As everyone continues to work from home, I figured I'd share what my workspace looks like.  As I mentioned in a previous entry, I've been using the desk I have set up in the basement that I've barely touched in several years.

Unlike one of my co-workers, who on the last day in the office brought home his mounted entire four-screen setup, I didn't bring back everything I had on my desk.  However, I did bring the important things: my laptop and my UHK.  After a day or two of working with just the laptop screen, I then proceeded to scavenge a couple of monitors to get back to a three-screen setup.  One of them is actually my main desktop monitor, which was still hooked up to the KVM switch that I used years ago when I worked from home for deviantART.

My work-from-home space.My work-from-home space, with improvised three-monitor setup.

So far this setup is working pretty well for me. That's a good thing, because it's going to be at least another two weeks - the state is still on "pause" until May 15th, assuming they don't extend the "pause" again.  And even then we probably won't go back to the office right away.

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