Adorbale cats and also birthdays

It's been kind of a busy weekend and I didn't have any good posts queued up, so in lieu of real content, this week I'm posting kitty pictures.

These are Cagney and Lacey, my mother's new kittens.  They're about two months old and yes, they're named after the TV show.  We went to visit this weekend to celebrate my son's birthday and got to see them for the first time.  My son has never gotten to play with kittens before and had a wonderful time with them.

In fact, the kittens were a big hit all around.  We had a small family party with my cousins' kids and they all spent quite a bit of time playing with Cagney and Lacey. 

We had originally been planning to have a big birthday party at the Brick Lab and invite all the kids from school, but the pandemic blew that plan out of the water.  So instead he had a little party with five of his cousins.  We had pizza and cupcakes out in the yard.  The weather was beautiful.  The kids had a treasure hunt, played with foam swords, and generally had a great time.  It wasn't what we originally wanted, but it was a very good day.

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