Animaniacs is returning

A few weeks ago, I heard some very good news: Animaniacs is coming back!  I loved this show when it was on the air 20 years ago and in 2020, we really need something like this.  The new season is going to show on Hulu and is scheduled to start on November 20.  

Animaniacs logo with the Warners

If you've never seem Animaniacs, I recommend you check it out.  It only ran for a few seasons in the mid-90's, but even though some of the jokes are a little dated it's still funny.  It's technically a children's show, but it's produced by Steven Spielberg and is the type that has lots of jokes only the adults are going to get.  

As an added bonus, I can watch it as a family event!  When my wife told me about the new season, our son was curious about it.  So we showed him some of the original episodes and he loved it!  Now he wants to watch an episode or two every night.  It's a nice, light, family-friendly way to end the day.

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