Changing the display manager in Ubuntu

Just as a quick note to my future self, if you want to change the display manager in Ubuntu, you just need to run the following:

$ dpkg-reconfigure gdm3
$ systemctl restart display-manager.service

The reconfigure will bring up a menu that allows you to choose from the installed display managers.  There's a nice summary with pictures here.

If anyone cares, the context here is that I run Ubuntu 20.04 with the Trinity Desktop Environment on my home destkop/server.  The problem is that pretty much every time I run an upgrade on that box it resets the display manager from TDM back to the default GDM. 

This is actually a really big problem because GDM doesn't work on this box.  Aside from the disk drives, most of the hardware in this box is about 10 years old.  So the video card is sufficiently archaic that GNOME just can't deal with.  When I try to log into GNOME or even just use GDM, I end up with massive display corruption and the desktop is basically unusable.  

One of these days, I should really replace that computer.  Or maybe rebuild it.  Or possibly just relegate it to purely headless server duty and get a different box to use as a desktop.  One day....

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