Christmas cats

Merry slightly belated Christmas to all! This year we managed to have a nice holiday despite the global pandemic. Sadly, that meant we were not able to do the traditional Christmas eve party with the entire family and lots of friends.  Instead, my wife made a fancy dinner of beef Wellington for the immediate family.  Not quite the same, but still nice.

Of course, our big news this year was the new additions to our household: a pair of kittens!  When our son was born, we had three cats.  The last one, who was with us for 20 years, died this past July.  After six months, we decided we were ready for some new friends.  We didn't originally plan to get them right away, but it was nice to have kitties under the tree for Christmas.

The new kittens, Pixel and Sprite, laying in their kitty condo.

These two adorable little guys came to us from Keller's Kats Rescue on Christmas Eve.  They're both about six months old and were fostered together, so they already know each other and get along great.  My wife wanted to make the smaller one Pixel after the cat in Robert Heinlein's The Cat Who Walks Through Walls.  I jokingly suggested that if the small one was a pixel, maybe the bigger one should be a sprite.  She and our son liked that, so Pixel and Sprite it is!

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