Conference talks

The other day I decided to go back to something I did when I was still working in the office: putting tech conference talks on in the background while I work.  Sometimes it's nice to have a little background noise if I'm not trying to concentrate too deeply on something (what I'm currently working on involved a lot of waiting for CI pipelines to run).  Of course, sometimes I my concentration level ramps up and I totally tune out the entire talk, but sometimes I don't and it ends up being interesting.

This particular afternoon I was listening to some talks from the GOTOpia Europe 2020 virtual conference.  This one had an especially good lineup, including talks from Dave Thomas, Kevlin Henney, and Allen Holub, who are some of my favorite presenters.  Cat Swetel, who I'd never seen speak before, also had a very interesting presentation on metrics that I would heartily recommend.

It might not be the same vibe as the live conferences, but it's at least nice to be reminded that the entire world hasn't been canceled due to the pandemic.  And there are always some interesting discussions at GOTO, so it's worth a watch.

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