Stupid Git tricks: Undoing a stash pop

Here's a handy little Git nugget I learned the other day: if you get conflicts trying to apply a popped stash, it doesn't get removed from the stack.  I didn't actually know this, but it's a very handy piece of information.

In this case, I was trying to stash my changes so I could switch to a different branch.  Normally this is as easy as git stash ; git co develop ; git stash pop, but I failed to account for conflicts.  And this time it wasn't the "nice" kind of conflict, where you just fix it and move on with your life.  Noooooo.  This time, I realized that I actually needed to base my changes on the branch I was originally on.  (That branch was due to be merged into develop, but it just hadn't happened yet.)  So fixing the conflicts would have been a waste of time because I'd just have the same conflicts in reverse when I switched back.

But it turns out you can just do a git reset --hard whatever and because of the conflicts, the stashed changes will still be on the top of the stack.  Very handy!  This little nugget saved me a bunch of time.

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