Obligatory birthday post

It's that time of year again.  I always take the day off for my birthday (unless it's on a weekend, of course).  This year we did sort of a rerun of last year's birthday.  Except this year we went to Sonnenberg Gardens the day before and had a nice picnic at the beach for my actual birthday.

It was a nice, cool day for walking around the gardens.  (My wife always complains that I want to go there on the hottest day of the year.)  Sadly we're far past peak rose season, but the other flowers were looking pretty good thanks to all the rain we've had recently.


Likewise, we had a very nice day for the picnic at Hamlin Beach.  It was in the upper 70's and sunny.  It was a little windy at the lake, but not unpleasantly so.  Zane and I played ball a little and went for a nice walk, but mostly we just laid on the sand and relaxed.  I brought my tablet and did some reading - I started Frank Herbert's Dune last week, and I've been blowing through it.


And after the beach, we got some nice fancy cake slices from Phillips European.  I got the peanut butter torte.  Their stuff is always delicious and just buying it requires no work.  Also, I don't have to have an entire cake sitting around for the rest of the week.

So nothing fancy this year.  Just a nice, restful weekend with the family.  Which is all I really wanted anyway.

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