Non-standard project setup with CoC and Pyright

Here's a quick little thing that I'll probably need to remember and might be useful to other.

At work, we have a PHP project that has automated integration tests written in Python.  The top-level directory of the Git repo is the normal PHP stuff, but the tests/integration/ directory is a Python sub-project that uses Poetry and Pytest.

Now, I use Vim as my editor and CoC with Intelliphense and Pyright for my PHp and Pythong language servers.  Since the main repo is PHP, Intelliphense works just fine.  Hwoever, Pyright needs a little help.  In particular, it didn't find the third-party dependencies or the integration test framework packages because it didn't know where to look.

Fortunately, this is easily fixed by creating a pyrightconfig.json file.  I was able to create one of those in the top-level directory of the project and add an "execution environment" to tell Pyright where to find the root of the Python project.  I set it to the "tests" directory because, while the main dir is tests/integration/,  that directory is also a Python module, so using "tests" lets Pyright find the "integration" module.

My particular file looks like this:

    "venvPath": "tests/integration",
    "venv": ".venv",
    "executionEnvironments": [
            "root": "tests

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