Belated birthday post

This year's birthday post is a few weeks late because...well, I just didn't feel like writing it.

There's not much to say anyway.  We spent the week on vacation in Cape Cod.  We rented the same place in Hyannis that we stay every two or three years.  It's a nice spot, about a mile from main street and a two-minute walk from the beach, and the weather was very nice this year.

I had a fairly restful and uneventful birthday.  It was kind of a re-run of 2019, which is the last time we were in Cape Cod.  I spent a while wandering around Parnassus Books, though nothing really struck my fancy - all I got was a couple of Zane Grey novels.  We followed that up with a family lunch at the Flashback retro arcade and bar and then some mini-golf and a tasting at Barnstable Brewing (which are actually right next to each other).  We finished the day off with a delicious taco dinner at Añejo Mexican Bistro and some cupcakes from Little Miss Cupcape.

That's about it.  Just some good food and some fun activities with the family.  Nothing terribly exciting, but a good day none the less.  

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