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After working from home for the last two years, I finally broke down and got myself a new desk.  This one is significantly smaller than the one in my previous home office setup.  That one was a larger L-shaped desk.  However, I found that I actually didn't need that much space.  The L extension meant that it was hard to reach and hence use the far corner.  I also didn't really have any need for the extension and it basically turned into a dumping ground for random stuff.


This one is much more compact.  That means that, not only do I actually use all of the space, but my office (which is pretty small) feels bigger.

The other big win is that this is a standing desk.  I got a 60-inch by 30-inch Uplift V2 adjustable height desk with the rubberwood surface and I'm very happy with it.  The Uplift desks are fun because there's a lot of customization you can do.  Of course, that also means that the price can vary wildly.  I mean, they start at $600 for a basic 42-inch model, but as you upgrade the size, material, add-ons, etc., it adds up quickly.  The price tag for mine ended up at around $1300.

There are lots of fun add-ons, though.  I got:

  • The casters so I can roll the desk around easily.
  • The bamboo drawer.
  • The upgraded programmable adjustment control.
  • The upgraded cable management system.
  • Three shelves for monitors etc.
  • Two of the powered grommet covers
  • The extra power outlets (so I actually have 2 USB and 6 conventional plugs on the desk).
  • The foot hammock.
  • A standing mat.
  • The bamboo Rocker-X board (with comfort pad), which is surprisingly satisfying.

The assembly took a while, but wasn't too bad.  The main challenge for me was that I had to assemble the desk more or less in-place with the other desk still in the room.  That's because I had no place to put my work setup while I assembled the desk (which I did over a couple of days) and, due to the door and hall size, the new desk couldn't easily be moved into my office after it was assembled (it would have to be turned on one edge, and that's a two-man job).  However, the instructions were fairly clear and the assembly wasn't too difficult.  There were a few steps where I needed to drill holes in the underside of the desktop, but other than that it was pretty much just screw drivers and Allen wrenches.  It takes some time, but it's not especially complicated - though some of it depends on what add-ons you get.

So if you're looking for a standing desk, the Uplift V2 is a good choice.  And if you've never used a standing desk, you might want to look into it.  I find that it really does help.  With my old desk, I sometimes found my legs starting to get stiff or cramped from sitting too long.  But if I get up and walk around frequently, that can sometimes interrupt my flow and make it harder to get things done.  A standing desk is a good compromise, because you can keep working, but still stretch your legs and move around.

I also found that the combination of the standing mat and the Rocker-X board really helps.  Just standing on the hard floor can be better than sitting, but it's still not super comfortable, especially if you're working at home and not wearing shoes.  The standing mat gives you a nice cushion, which makes standing for long periods in socks or bare feet much more comfortable.  And the Rocker-X board, while it looks like a silly gimmick, is awesome, especially if you're a fidgeter like me.  Even when I'm sitting, I'm constantly moving my legs and feet around.  The Rocker-X board lets you shift your weight and move your feet constantly, while still keeping you in a position where you can work.  I highly recommend giving it a try.

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