At the ESRI class

Well, here I am at Constitution Plaza in Hartford, Connecticut. I'm actually here on a business trip. My employer sent me to a training course with ESRI entitled Data Management in the Multiuser Geodatabase.

There are a few things to note about the very fact that I'm here. In the 6 years I've been with my current organization (which is far too long), this is the first time I've been on an out-of-state trip. In fact, it's the first time I've been on a trip that lasted longer than a day. It's also the first off-site paid training class I've been sent to. Kind of seems like a waste, given that if things things go well, I'll be able to get the hell out of here before I have a chance to put any of this to use.

As for the class itself, I have no real complaints so far. It's actually hosted by the City of Hartford IT Department, which has 2 people attending. The instructor, Jim, has been in the GIS business forever and has been working for ESRI for 14 years. He's really nice and seems pretty knowledgeable, so I'm actually enjoying the class so far. In particular, learning about the system architecture was kind of cool. Of course, I'll probably never put any of the stuff he's teaching us to use, but at least this gets me out of the office for a week.

One cool thing I've discovered is that Python is apparently one of the favored languages for automating ESRI's system. In fact, the lap machines we're using for the class actually have Python 2.4 interpreters installed on them. I don't know if we'll do any scripting in the class at all, but I just found that to be really cool.

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