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Edit (2014-10-09): An improved version of this macro can be found in this post.

So I finally got around to writing a little macro for Komodo IDE that I've been missing for a while.  It has a very simple task - perform a "source control commit" operation on the currently project.  You'd think this would be built in, and it wort of is, but it doesn't work very well. 

In Komodo IDE, the SCC commit action is tied to files and directories.  So if you want to commit an entire directory, you need to select it in the "places" pane (i.e. the file system browser).  And if you want to commit the directory that's currently set as the root of the file view, you either have to go up a level and select it or right-click on an empty spot in the file browser.  So, in other words, it's grossly inconvenient.

Hence this little macro.  Just create a new macro in your toolbox and paste this code into it (note that this doesn't work in Komodo Edit).  Note that this is a little hacky, as some of the SCC initialization seems to be asynchronous and I don't know what (if any) events are fired on completion.  But hey, it works, so close enough.

(function() {
    var curr_project_url =  ko.projects.manager.getCurrentProject().importDirectoryURI,
        fileSvc = Components.classes[";1"]
        kodir = fileSvc.getFileFromURI(curr_project_url),
        count = 0;
    // HACK: For some reason, the SCC type takes some time to populate.
    // I don't know if there's any event for this, so instead just try it again
    // if it's empty.
    var runner = function() {
        var cid = '',
            sccSvc = undefined;
        if (kodir.sccDirType) {
            cid = "" + kodir.sccDirType + ";1";
            sccSvc = Components.classes[cid].getService(Components.interfaces.koISCC);
            // Get the koISCC service object
            if (!sccSvc || !sccSvc.isFunctional) {
                alert("Didn't get back a functional SCC service. :(");
            } else {
                ko.scc.Commit(sccSvc, [curr_project_url]);
        } else if (count < 10) { // Just in case this never actually works....
            count += 1;
            setTimeout(runner, 100);

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