Spam filters suck

Author's note: Here's another little rant that's been sitting in my drafts folder for years. Twelve years, to be precise - I created this on March 28, 2007. That was toward the end of my "government IT guy" days.

I'd forgotten how much of a pain the internet filtering was. These days, I hardly think about it. The government job was the last time I worked anyplace that even tried to filter the web. And e-mail filtering hasn't been something I've worried about in a long time either. These days, the filtering is more likely to be too lax than anything else. And if something does get incorrectly filtered, you generally just go to your junk mail folder to find it. No need for the rigamarole of going back and forth with the IT people. It's nice to know that at least some things get better.

I'm really starting to hate spam filters. Specifically, our spam filters at work. And our web filters. In fact, pretty much all the filters we have here. Even the water filters suck. (Actually, I don't think there are any water filters, which, if you'd tasted the municipal water, you would agree is a problem.)

I asked a vendor to send me a quote last week. I didn't get it, so I called and asked him to send it again. I checked with one of our network people, and she tells me it apparently didn't get through our first level of filters. So she white-listed the sender's domain and I asked the guy to send it again. It still didn't get through.

As I've mentioned before, our web filters also block Wikipedia.

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